Anchura 25,4 cm
Altura 15,2 cm
Profundidad 10,2 cm
Peso 318 g

Tiene True Bypass

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  • Patrick
    febrero 8, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    Delay pedals take your original signal, a guitar chord or note for example, delays it and plays it back exactly how the pedal hears it the first time. It can either play the note back once or multiple times depending on your settings or “feedback time”. Often, you’ll see Digital Delay pedals as well as Analogue Delay pedals. The major difference is that digital delay pedals will offer longer delays and a ‘cleaner’ exact sound, however guitarists often prefer the analogue sound for all the subtle nuances and slight unpredictability in sound. This comes down to personal preference but both options sound great.

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